He loves this bag. He has been sleeping in it since I brought it home 2 hours ago.

– Melissa G., Red Nylon Carrier, 6/03/13

It’s the perfect size!! Love the color and quality!

– Linnae C., Red Nylon Carrier, 6/02/13

Great bag, pup luvs the comfort and I luv luv luv that it looks like a classy bag. I have ptsd anxiety and seizures so my pup is a special part of my life who needs to feel special withought always drawing unwanted attention. Thank you!

– Summer P., Pebbled Monaco Tote, 5/25/13

We are excited about our new bag. We bought it to take Maddie on a plane to visit our grandbaby in June, but we love taking her everywhere we go:)

– Cheryl L., Black Nylon Carrier, 5/14/13

Amazing carrier – went back and bought another one in Large.

– Linda T., Black Nylon Carrier, 5/12/13

He loves his new travel carrier now he can go everywhere with us.

– Carolyn O’B., Red Nylon Carrier, 5/11/13

Love the style of the bag and my puppy was so comfortable in it… she loves it.

– Janixa C., Pebbled Monaco Tote, 4/16/13

Cute bag, great that it’s recycled material :)

– Hollie C., Postage Stamp Monaco Tote, 4/05/13

NOT An April Fool’s Joke:

Shortly after our last correspondence, the doorbell rang.
It was the man in brown.
He was holding a long, rectangular box.

My heart raced.
My breath quickened.
Either it was belated long-stemmed roses from a secret admirrer…


Dare I dream?
Could it be?

I did!
It was!

I just got my Blog Paws prize and Kirsten, that bag was worth the wait! It is absolutely gorgeous (WAY too pretty to tote a dog around in – LOL – but PURR-fect for a precious cat!)

My hard-to-please husband was VERY impressed!

(My hard-to-please cats were napping and have yet to discover their belated Christmas gift!)

Anyway – thank you SO much! Inside was also a heart-shaped pillow (in the pattern of the bag) and a cute little stuffed puppy.
Have a great day and let all who helped solve the mystery know how much I appreciate and love the prize! :-)

– Ramona, Wheeled Jetway Traveler Weekender, 4/01/13

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