I really love the bark n bag. Its so gorgeous! My dog really likes it too, he looks so adorable in it. Thanks so much. 🙂

– Latasha L., Pebbled Monaco Tote, 2/06/13

The new carrier arrived today. I absolutely LOVE it! It’s perfect for Jiffy. I’ll feel much safer now when taking him to the vet’s office and the groomer’s.

– Ramona H., Organic Denim Carrier, 1/14/13

This looks like a wonderful product, my older girl, Chloe (17 year old Raggamuffin) couldn’t wait for me to open it and is lounging in it as I type this. Thank you for a beautiful product.

– Regina K., Organic Denim Carrier, 1/12/13

I looked for over a month a “different” type of but colorful and fun travel bag, for different trips, such as by plane (long flights), train, subway, bus, car. Also my Dog is not really small but long and tall, and then I found your bag and was a love at first sight!!! Thanks much, my Dog stepped into the bag right away and all by herself 🙂

– Monika D., Organic Denim Carrier, 1/05/13

Very nice looking bag will pass as purse! Looks like my designer patent leather bag! Can’t wait to use it!

– Marie R., Pebbled Monaco Tote, 12/25/12