Planning our first flight with our dog Ozzy. Looks like she will be flying in comfort.

– Kerri H., Pebbled Monaco Tote, 9/27/12

I love this bag. It seems very well made, and the minute I put it down, my cat climbed right in.

– Deborah P., Organic Denim Carrier, 9/24/12

Banjo and i recently flew on jet blue 3 times in one week…he loves his bark n bag! we got so many comments on the bag at the airports and on the plane rides…i would love to send you photos of banjo at JFK, and on the plane rocking his denim B’N’B!

– Hannah J., Organic Denim Carrier, 9/18/12

I have 6 cats and am always looking for ways to take them to the vet without added trauma – i love the large side door its less of a battle to get them in the carrier thanks.

– Sarah B., Organic Denim Carrier, 8/15/12

I purchased the bag as we go to many dog shows and Arejay gets tired of being in my arms plus I like to take him with me when I go places. This tote is perfect for his 5 lb size. He loved it as soon as I put him in it when it arrived today. I was so surpried as it came a day early, thank you so much for the great product.

– Connie G., Black Nylon Carrier, 8/15/12

Love this. Sadie has curled up inside without any prompting whatsoever. It even took precedence over the box it came in (which is a rare feat indeed).

– Samantha D., Black Nylon Carrier, 8/13/12

Only used once so far, but happy with the product! I opted for this bag because of the shoulder strap. I like the design (particularly how the quilted pad slides in), as well as the pockets, and two ways of entrance/exit for my cat.

– A. A., Black Nylon Carrier, 7/10/12