Love it! Very comfortable for me and my furbaby

– Angel L., Traveler Weekender Carrier, 12/29/14

I love the pattern! And it held up well for our first round trip across the country 🙂

– Natalie D, Barkwell Classic Carrier, 12/28/14

Loved the product and that it is made from recycled bottles.

– Victoria P., Postage Stamp Classic Carrier, 5/10/14

This bag is great. Ginger didnot like being in it at first since I put her in it the wrong way & she couldn’t see out of it. Once I changed her around she snuggled down into it!

– Karen K., Traveler Weekender Carrier, 5/05/14

Love the look of the purse and my puppy fits great ~ just wish there was an outside pocket or two for my purse things.

– Michelle E., Embossed Croco Monaco, 5/15/14

Cute bag and great price! Can’t wait to use it.

– Jessica S., Embossed Croco Monaco, 4/21/14

She fits perfectly in the bag!!!! Plenty of extra room too!! Love it!!!

– Stephanie F., Wheeled Jetway Classic Black Carrier, 4/17/14

Love the bag!! Votto knows we are leaving when he sees it!!! Thanks so much!

– Angela F., Organic Denim Carrier, 4/16/14

I love bag’s style, but especially I like their comfort. Congrats for these products!

– Jose S.P.R., Barkwell Classic Carrier, 4/15/14