She fits perfectly in the bag!!!! Plenty of extra room too!! Love it!!!

– Stephanie F., Wheeled Jetway Classic Black Carrier, 4/17/14

Love the bag!! Votto knows we are leaving when he sees it!!! Thanks so much!

– Angela F., Organic Denim Carrier, 4/16/14

I love bag’s style, but especially I like their comfort. Congrats for these products!

– Jose S.P.R., Barkwell Classic Carrier, 4/15/14

Thank you for such a wonderful carrier! Marley and I are moving from Maine to Colorado and I’m so happy to know he will not only be traveling comfortably but also in style! I look forward to purchasing from you again in the future.

– Sara L., Red Nylon Carrier, 4/10/14

Nice bag with great accessibility for the dog and to carry items in the side pockets.

– Richard, Barkwell Classic Carrier, 4/10/14

Just got the carrier today and he already loves it. Looking forward to being able to travel!

– Lovelee V., Navy Nylon Carrier, 4/1/14

Perfect color & size for Cuddles. She can walk & turn with great easy inside her bark n bag.

– Denise B., Navy Nylon Carrier, 3/13/14

Using to move my very feral cat from PA to FL soon. She’s a big kitty so I hope the carrier fares well on the flight. Cute bag, can’t wait to use it!

– Denise C., Carrier One, 3/10/14