I bought the large carrier for my 15.5 pound cat! I’m going to use it for the first time this week. Can no longer carry him in the heavy hard plastic carrier because of the combined weight Can’t wait to try this out!

– Suzanne M., Carrier One, 3/10/14

I love this bag. I think I might have to go back and get another one for a backup.

– Tracy S., Barkwell Classic Carrier, 3/8/14

Mana is my own personal service dog I am training her. She loves your bag it might not be big enough for her but it makes her feel comfortable when we go places and I love the inside pocket.

– Meadow T., Pebbled Monaco Tote, 3/3/14

Excellent quality and the price is right. Ladybug loves the vents and easy access. Just beautiful!

– Dorothy S., Navy Nylon Carrier, 2/18/14

Very nice bag, sturdy and my cat fits right in it! Great choice.

– Mika C., Wheeled Jetway Classic Black Carrier, 2/5/14