Reviews says:

– Elias R., Sauvignon Barc Messenger , 8/12/20
So far, I love that it looks fashionable. I didn’t want my rabbit to feel scared by people looking at her. says:

The bag itself is really nice. My dog fits in it nicely with plenty of room for when he grows. The only thing I wish was different is the faux leather. It’s a bit rubbery and honestly I wouldn’t mind paying more for the upgraded material.
– Martin C., Outback Messenger Organic Denim, 05/13/19 says:

Looks classy, well made. Plenty of room for my baby to lie down and even peek out from top. Love that it has a side pocket for my keys and wallet.

– Debra H., Embossed Croco Monaco, 5/4/19 says:

Denim with black trim goes with everything. I can sneak my rescue baby everywhere.

– Skylar J., Outback Messenger Organic Denim, 09/05/17 says:

Great idea. So easy to use on the metro. Keeps my Yorkie by my side.

– Emily M., ParaPup Sling Black, 09/06/18 says:

I am in love. The color I purchased was red. I used it as my pocketbook while walking my chihuahua, Ziggy. When he could walk no more, I unzipped it into a sling. Ziggy LOVES it to

– Carrie W., Parapup Red, 09/04/18 says:

I love the plaid and brings out the Scot Terrier in Avi! The store said there was no shoulder strap, but a nice gentleman from barknbag got one for me. Merry Christmas!

– Betty D, Barkwell Classic Carrier, 12/10/17 says:

This is the best travel tote. Looks like an Hermes Birkin bag

– Deepa S., Embossed Ostrich Monaco, 12/12/16 says:

Excellent quality bag. It’s made for him to lie down, and he was comfortable doing so thanks to the supportive quilted pad included with the bag. I love that it has struts across the top to give the bag a firm structure, and the materials are sturdy and attractive. I’m very pleased with my purchase.

– Lynn M, Barkwell Classic Carrier, 12/10/16 says:

The product came in perfect condition and looks great! I’m excited for Leonardo to use it. If you make other colors of this organic bag, I will surely purchase one for each of my other 2 cats!!
– Lexie F., Organic Denim Carrier, 10/14/16